Engineering Office

You build a new robot, we develop it’s software.

From the drafting of specifications to the integration of the software on the robot, our engineers help you to get to the robolution !

Our methodology

You want to work with us ? This is how a project is done at Easymov :



The first step is to define together the functionnalities that you want to integrate into your robot : localisation in an unknow environnement, object or human detection or the autonomous navigation of the robot.

We also help you choose the right sensors and computers for your application.



Our philosophy is open source, we work exclusively with ROS to develop our solutions. ROS gives access to a large amount of software for robotics and this technology accelerate the development.

We rely on simulation for developping the software. Therefore we can work even when the robot is not available.

We do not only develop the software, but we also integrate it into the robot.



At the end of the project we make a demonstration of the robot or the software in your office or ours. If you are interested we can organize a day of training to help you take the project in your hands. We also provide with every project a technical documentation and a user documentation.


And beyond…

After the end of the project you are not by yourself, we open a private support line via a web platform.

Our expertise

Low-level Development
Hardware interfaces, drivers, motors controllers, actuators controllers.
High-level intelligence
Communication, perception, detection, localization, navigation.
Interface graphique
Control interfaces, driving interfaces, vizualisation, monitoring.